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Featured Projects

80 on Commons black mix with white balcony
Mixed-Use 01/14/2019

80 on the Commons

The playful yet sophisticated use of a herringbone pattern results in a standout, bold style that NBBJ wanted to capture on this civic asset in the city’s central open space.

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Statue of Liberty Museum side of museum view
Municipal/Government 05/30/2019

Statue of Liberty Museum and Screening Facility

At this iconic location, now stands resilient structures that are dynamic in expression and were inspired by the irregularity of the water’s

View Statue of Liberty Museum and Screening Facility
Parking 02/05/2020

Penn State Hershey Campus Parking Garage

Inspired by the rolling hills in Pennsylvania, the eye-catching waving spandrels are the first element to greet you as you drive onto the health campus and the last

View Penn State Hershey Campus Parking Garage
Nassau 8th Precinct Front Entrance
Municipal/Government 08/10/2018

Nassau 8th Precinct

Following Hurricane Sandy in 2012, many structures owned by Nassau County in New York state were evaluated for structural damage, including the police precincts. Prior to the storm...

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