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High Concrete Group LLC combines innovation, proven technology, more than three-quarters of a century’s experience as a precast company, and nearly 50 years as a precaster to give you the first-rate service, technical support, and precast products you need to bring your designs to life.

High Concrete: Superior Precast Concrete for Superior Results

Whether you’re an architect, general contractor or construction manager, precast concrete from High Concrete Group LLC can benefit your project in a number of key ways. Our precast concrete offers design flexibility, improved safety, reliable performance, long-lasting durability and cost savings.

For nearly 50 years, our precast company has been providing the highest quality building components for use in the most challenging construction projects. Construction professionals choose High Concrete — one of the top precast companies in the nation — for all types of structures, from parking garages and commercial buildings to sports arenas and educational facilities.

The Advantages of Architectural Precast Concrete From High Concrete

When you choose High Concrete for architectural precast concrete, your project benefits in a number of ways:

More design choices — High Concrete offers the industry’s widest selection of additives, mixes, colors, textures, and finishes for total design flexibility. Whatever design look you are trying to achieve — whether it’s a standalone look or one that complements a pre-existing structure — we can achieve it. When it comes to precast concrete, your options for design are virtually limitless.

Improved safety — When you choose precast concrete from High Concrete, you’re choosing improved safety for your project. Precast concrete from High Concrete has superior fire resistance. It is also impact/blast resistant.

Better performance — Concrete precast by High Concrete offers superior structural strength and durability. When it comes to performance, High Concrete provides the precast concrete that stands up to the rigors of the environment.

Dependable durability — Mold, mildew, soil, and impact are no match for our precast concrete. The concrete we cast offers durability you can depend on for a longer life and lower maintenance requirements. With precast concrete from High Concrete, you won’t have to worry about nature or man negatively affecting the integrity of the concrete.

Cost savings — Thanks to low maintenance and small life cycle costs, our precast concrete is economical. It also boasts high thermal efficiency for lower energy bills.


Consistent Results for Superior Quality

Unlike the traditional on-site casting process, we cast our precast concrete components off-site in a factory-controlled environment. Then we deliver it to your building site. By constructing the components inside, we can ensure the architectural precast concrete we manufacture is of the highest quality and consistency. Thanks to our precisely controlled air entrainment, there is minimal expansion and contraction. The result is reduced cracking and surface scaling.

High Concrete factory conditions exceed PCI’s Plant Certification requirements. We achieve low water/cement ratios through our factory-controlled batching, and are able to immediately place concrete. The end result is higher quality concrete, typically 7,000 psi or more. 

Partnering With You to Achieve More

When you choose High Concrete for your precast concrete needs, you don’t just get the highest quality building components, but you also get access to industry leaders. Our team will work for you to ensure your project is on time and within budget. We will recommend the best precast concrete solutions for your specific project.

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Choose High Concrete, the leader of precast companies, for the best results. Call us today at 1-877-844-4418 for a free, no-obligation project quote.

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