Total Precast Concrete Building System

Nassau 8th Precinct

Total Precast Concrete Building System Overview

Total precast concrete building systems integrate architectural and structural precast components, expanding the precast wall role from minimal structural support to a load bearing facade and super structure. This approach increases construction efficiency by eliminating scaffolding and on-site trades such as masonry and drywall, reducing RFIs, and producing an attractive, fire-resistant facade while saving time versus other construction methods.


Exterior Shear Wall System

Permits greater design flexibility because it eliminates the need for a structural core. The economy of precast can be seen when combining gravity load-bearing function with the lateral load resistance.

Interior Shear Wall System

Lateral loads are transmitted by floor diaphragms to a structural core of precast shear walls. The shear wall can be tied together vertically and at corners to form a structural tube that cantilevers from the foundation.

Rigid Frame System

All lateral loads are transferred to a moment-resisting frame that ties beams and columns together with rigid connections. The need for shear walls is eliminated.

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Total Precast Literature

“In about 85% of the cases, that analysis (delivering the best building with the highest quality and the most responsive design for that budget) leads the designers to specify a total precast concrete solution.”
Michael Barber
Colors & Finishes

Colors & Finishes

With precast concrete, the aesthetic versatility of the product leads to endless possibilities for your next design. 

Go from one applied finish to exposed aggregate back to the applied finish all within the same panel!

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Augmented reality can help bring your project to life before construction even starts. See what your project looks like in 3D with our top of the line team at High Concrete.

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Design Innovation

Design Innovation


  • Modeling
  • BIM
  • Sustainability


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Willow Creek Elementary

The two-story, 108,000 ft2 Willow Creek Elementary School was built in response to increased enrollments at the elementary school level. The school opened for the 2009-2010 academic year and features 44

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Front Entrance Tilden Elementary Center
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Hamburg Elementary School (Tilden)

An outstanding thermal performance was achieved at Hamburg Elementary school (Tilden) with CarbonCast walls. Amid skyrocketing energy costs and heightened

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Nassau 8th Precinct Front Entrance
Municipal/Government 08/10/2018

Nassau 8th Precinct

Following Hurricane Sandy in 2012, many structures owned by Nassau County in New York state were evaluated for structural damage, including the police precincts. Prior to the storm...

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