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Green Building Materials 08/01/2022

Is Precast Concrete Sustainable? Ways Precast Concrete Builds for a Greener Future

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An Overview 07/27/2022

Sustainability of Precast Concrete

In the first of two blog posts on sustainability, we’ll dive into the definition of sustainability and how the precast concrete industry and High Concrete Group are actively working to reduce carbon emissions and improve sustainability practices.   

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New Categories Explained 07/20/2022

Updated PCI Certifications

In October 2021, the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI), the foremost thought leading institution on precast and prestressed concrete, implemented a new certification program to better specify architectural precast concrete panels.

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Where Are We Heading? 07/13/2022

The Future of Concrete

The future of precast concrete offers affordable, sustainable, and fast construction. Here, we highlight some of the latest technologies that are driving the precast concrete industry forward.

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From Ancient Times to the 20th Century 06/27/2022

The History of Concrete

While cement has been used to create concrete structures that have lasted for centuries, many innovations have occurred to continually improve the quality of concrete.

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Architectural Design Inspiration 06/21/2022

Famous Concrete Structures Worldwide

Across history and different architectural styles, few building materials are as versatile or timeless as concrete. Along with being highly-resilient and long-lasting, concrete offers unique creative possibilities in architectural design.

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Continuing Education Course 06/07/2022

Introduction to Architectural Precast Concrete

High Concrete Group’s new “Introduction to Precast Concrete” CEU illustrates how precast concrete benefits architects and designers.
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Co-worker Appreciation Event 05/25/2022

Conrac Project Celebration

On May 18, High Concrete Group held a celebration at our Denver, PA headquarters location honoring the completion of the Conrac Solutions project at Newark International Airport.
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