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Precast Concrete Industrial Buildings

The industrial commercial real estate sector is primarily comprised of manufacturing, research and development, production, maintenance, storage and distribution of goods. Industrial buildings can include heavy and light manufacturing facilities; logistics, distribution, and fulfillment centers; food processing plants; cold storage; research and development; and even flex space. As an integral part of the supply chain, industrial buildings need to be agile, efficient, and durable. Precast concrete industrial buildings are quicker to enter the market, cost-effective, and built with the future in mind.

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“[Precast concrete] was the most economical solution that provided flexibility to meet the various design challenges we would face”

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Industrial Brochure

Industrial Brochure

Learn the key characteristics of why precast is the solution to your next industrial building. 

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Colors & Finishes

Colors & Finishes

With precast concrete, the aesthetic versatility of the product leads to endless possibilities for your next design. 

Go from one applied finish to exposed aggregate back to the applied finish all within the same panel!

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  • Structural Precast Parking
  • Total Precast System
  • ThinCast™ Rainscreen
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  • Introduction to Architectural Precast
  • Introduction to Precast Parking
  • Introduction to Precast Data Centers
  • Building High-Performance K-12 Schools
  • Precast Concrete Sustainability


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