Precast Concrete Basics

Mercy Jewish Center

What is Precast Concrete?

Precast concrete uses molds and forms to shape desired concrete elements for an off-site building. Once it is complete, the precast concrete pieces get delivered to the job site on a truck. From there, a crane picks the piece off the truck for use in the construction of the building.

Precast has many benefits:

  • Durability due to incorporating rebar and stressed cable strands within the precast concrete to strengthen the precast concrete pieces.
  • Efficiency by constructing building pieces off-site to speed up erection once the construction site is ready.
  • Ready-made Aesthetic factors, insulation, and interior walls.

A wide variety of structural and aesthetic design possibilities make it a versatile product.


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Featured Projects

1842 and Villanova Seal on Pedestrian Bridge in concrete

Villanova Pedestrian Bridge

The collegiate pedestrian bridge uses Precast concrete elements include 421 architectural precast concrete panels at an average nominal size of 5ft by 18ft.

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Statue of Liberty Museum side of museum view
Municipal/Government 05/30/2019

Statue of Liberty Museum and Screening Facility

At this iconic location, now stands resilient structures that are dynamic in expression and were inspired by the irregularity of the water’s

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Christ Hospital
Healthcare 01/19/2017

Christ Hospital

In 2012, the Christ Hospital Network in Cincinnati, Ohio, decided to add an orthopedic center of excellence to its already nationally renowned healthcare facility. The owners worked with an architect to design the seven-...

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1200 Intrepid MIN.jpg
Office/Corporate 06/29/2015

1200 Intrepid

2016's Harry H. Edwards Industry Advancement Award winner proves that precast concrete enables the most innovative architectural designs while providing a highly energy-efficient and durable envelope. One of

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