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Think you know concrete? Think again. With its design flexibility and attractive finishing options, you may be surprised to find out how precast builds. We offer a variety of opportunities to learn about the precast concrete industry, with content created for architects, engineers, general contractors, developers, industry partners and students. As a PCI-rated 'AA' producer, we are passionate about designing and building with precast concrete and offer many different opportunities to learn more and to share our enthusiasm: 

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FAQs about Precast Concrete

The best way to get started is to speak with a sales representative. They will offer advice and guidance on how to design and build the structure in the most cost-effective way. A sales representative will also help with any questions about color, finishes, panel sizing, installation process, and logistics. Pre-construction is another tool used to help a client get started with precast concrete, we are able to offer a sales model and early design assist help. 

There are four (4) compelling reasons to choose architectural precast concrete for your building's exterior:

1. Architectural precast is the only cladding material that permits you, the designer, to custom design shape, color, texture, and pattern - only you control your building's unique, custom exterior look.

2. Architectural precast enables you to enclose your building's exterior in a small fraction of the time versus most all other cladding materials - this reduces construction cost dramatically and provides your client much earlier occupancy.

3. Proven low initial cost. Architectural precast concrete is used widely by office building developers nationwide. They tell us it is their cladding material of choice because it offers a high quality "look" at a very economical price.

4. Long term maintenance is almost negligible. All you need to do is re-caulk the precast joints after 15 to 20 years.

The possibilities for using precast concrete systems for building projects are nearly endless. Precast concrete checks the box for a variety of buildings such as: offices, schools for all ages, student housing, retail, prisons, government buildings, sports arenas, stadiums, data centers, and more.

High Concrete Group is recognized as a leader in its field providing over 75 years of high-quality products and award-winning structures.

While being PCI-Certified, High Concrete meets and represents premium products that are held to a specific standard that we need to continue to exceed. 

Our whole operation is conducted indoors in a temperature-controlled environment to eliminate any mishaps and inconsistencies. 

Along with high-quality products, our team provides service in every department throughout the whole process. Sales to engineering then the project management and production. We are there for every step to help you succeed in your goal. 

Utilizing precast concrete can reduce

on-site construction by months










Have a question? Need assistance with how precast can meet your needs? That's what we are here for. Reach out to our team of precast concrete experts with any questions or details about your project and we will get back to you.

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