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Nassau 8th Precinct

  • Municipal/Government
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  • New York


Following Hurricane Sandy in 2012, many structures owned by Nassau County in New York state were evaluated for structural damage, including the police precincts. Prior to the storm, several of these buildings had already been in need of renovations to accommodate a growing police force and resolve problems of aging infrastructure, and the storm accelerated this need, says Gilbert Balog of LiRo Architects + Planners.

In the 8th District, Nassau County wanted to replace the 1950s-era frame and brick precinct buildings with structures that communicated civic pride and could withstand the onslaughts of future major events. “Resiliency was a major factor in the selection of precast concrete construction,” says Dianne Pohlsander, design architect for LiRo. “In fact, everything came together with precast concrete: resiliency, fabrication that wasn't weather dependent, constructability, and the desired aesthetics.”

Precast concrete also helped address unique logistical challenges on this project. Construction was constrained by long and narrow site, and, because the new precinct house was constructed at one end while the old building stayed open for operations at the other, the team was under pressure to complete the project quickly with minimal site disruption. “Precast concrete gave us that quick erection time that we needed,” Pohlsander says.

2019 PCI Award Winner

Project Detials

  • Owner: County of Nassau
  • Architect: LoRo Architects + Planners
  • Engineer of Record: LiRo Engineers, Inc.
  • General Contractor: VRD Contracting
  • PCI-Certified Erector: Koehler Masonry Corp.
  • Project Cost:  $15.5 Million
  • Project Size: 30,500 ft2


  • 2019 PCI All-Precast Concrete Solution Award

Key Project Attributes

  • Off-site fabrication compressed the on-site construction schedule, minimizing disruptions, and avoiding weather delays.

  • The all-precast concrete design contributes physical resiliency to the structure, while visually communicating a sense of permanence and security to the public.

  • The envelope features energy-saving precast concrete sandwich wall panels with a 2½-in. thick layer of expanded-polystyrene foam to ensure a continuous insulation R-value of 12.

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“Resiliency was a major factor in the selection of precast concrete construction.”
Dianne Pohlsander
“The all-precast concrete structure facilitated a holistic solution to multiple design goals: resiliency, energy efficiency, a civic aesthetic for the exterior, an efficient construction schedule, and flexibility in interior space planning.”
Diane Pohlsander,


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