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New PCI Certification Expands Categories for Producers, Project Owners

Major changes are happening within the architectural precast industry. Owners, architects, designers, and engineers should note that these changes will immediately affect how all architectural precast projects will be specified going forward.  

Starting October 1, 2021, the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) replaced their previous 50-year-old architectural precast concrete certification program with a new one, with the intent to better align architectural and design expectations with PCI-certified plant production capabilities. By doing so, producers have the opportunity to better differentiate their skillsets and craftsmanship, and for owners, architects, designers, and engineers to better specify the qualifications needed to complete the complex and often intricate details of their project. 

PCI has expanded the previous ‘A1’, ‘CA’, and ‘BA’ certification categories into four new categories, with ‘AA’ being the highest rating in the spectrum. Owners, architects, designers, and engineers seeking high quality standards, strong artistic craftsmanship, and 3D/BIM-led technology and design will need to select ‘AA’ producers for their projects going forward. These producers are among the most elite in North America. Rest assured, each category has the same quality expectations, but the requirements for capability and tolerance are different.   

Not sure what these changes mean for your project? Download our guide, New PCI Architectural Precast Categories: Get Ready To Qualify Your Next Project.  

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