Liberty Island
  • Municipal/Government
  • Enclosure
  • Gray
  • Blast
  • New York

Statue of Liberty Museum and Screening Facility

  • Municipal/Government
  • Enclosure
  • Gray
  • Blast
  • New York


At this iconic location, now stands resilient structures that are dynamic in expression and were inspired by the irregularity of the water’s edge, as well as the geometry of the circular Flagpole Plaza. This is a one of a kind museum and screening facility that leads precast structures into a new level of strength and beauty.

Merging building into the landscape, the design eschews formality in favor of an asymmetrical design that embraces its dramatic setting and changes of form as visitors move around it. The vertical patterning of the precast concrete sandwich panels was inspired by the Palisades cliffs along the Hudson River. The project’s materials link the future of the Island with its past. Inspired by the idea that the museum has been “lifted” from the park, all vertical surfaces are rendered in irregular, vertical patterns suggestive of a tectonic shift; they provide a compositional counterpoint to the building’s dominant horizontality. The precast concrete panels have a deeply textured, irregular pattern, which creates dramatic shadows; this texture reflects the Palisades cliffs of New Jersey.

2020 PCI Award Winner

Project Details

  • Owner: Ellis Island Foundation
  • Architect: FX Collaborative
  • Engineer of Record: DeSimone Consulting
  • General Contractor: Phelps Construction
  • PCI-Certified Erector: Precast Services, Inc.
  • Consultant: SBI Consultants
  • Project Cost: $70,000,000 Million
  • Precast Cost:  $3,300,000 Million
  • Project Size:  50,000 ft2
  • Precast Size:  19,360 ft2


  • 2020 PCI Sustainable Design Award

Key Project Attributes

  • The island needed to stay operational during construction, so the site was
    limited on space. Precast is all done off-site and ready to be applied once it

  • The panels have slots cast in with screens in order to allow floodwater to go through panels to holding tanks.

  • The striations on the concrete panels were achieved with a form liner which gave the exact pattern and effect that the designer was envisioning for the project.

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