Navy Yard in Philadelphia, PA
  • Office/Corporate
  • Enclosure
  • White
  • Blast
  • Pennsylvania

1200 Intrepid

  • Office/Corporate
  • Enclosure
  • White
  • Blast
  • Pennsylvania


2016's Harry H. Edwards Industry Advancement Award winner proves that precast concrete enables the most innovative architectural designs while providing a highly energy-efficient and durable envelope. One of the most prominent features of the building is the white precast concrete façade, which dips dramatically away from the walkway along the eastern edge, then tips back out again, much like the buildings in a Dr. Seuss story. “One of the key design challenges was to create that curved façade from precast panels,” says David Bosch, engineering team leader for High Concrete Group. The curved load-bearing design was achieved by assembling flat, traditional precast concrete panels to form a complex faceted geometry. An interlocking structural system was embedded within the panels to eliminate the need for traditional precast concrete spandrel panels. “The resulting façade creates an aesthetic versatility that is unique to the project,” Bosch says.

Project Details

  • Owner: Liberty Property Trust
  • Architect: BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group
  • Engineer of Record: Environetics
  • General Contractor: Turner Construction Company
  • PCI-Certified Erector: Precast Services Inc.
  • Architectural Precaster: High Concrete Group
  • Project Cost:  $19,017,393 ($19 Million)
  • Project Size: 99,450 ft2


  • 2016 PCI LEED Gold Best Office Building Award
  • 2016 PCI Harry H. Edwards Award for Industry Advancement Best Office Building Award
  • 2016 Louis I. Kahn Memorial Award - Philadelphia Center for Architecture and Design
  • 2018 ACI Excellence in Concrete Construction Award 1st Place Mid-Rise Office Building
  • 2016 North American BIM Award

Key Project Attributes

  • Precast concrete elements include 421 architectural precast concrete panels at an average nominal size of 5ft by 18ft.

  • The façade is 30% more efficient than the baseline ASHRAE assembly, contributing to the LEED Gold certification.

  • The panels were also created using local raw materials and recycled content less than 60 miles from the project site, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.


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“Create just by design intent and design execution - it becomes beautiful”
Lucien Lagrange
“One of the key design challenges was to create that curved façade from precast panels”
David Bosh


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