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Villanova University Pedestrian Bridge

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This collegiate pedestrian bridge harmonizes with a collegiate campus that has been around for years. The environment of a college tends to develop around them, causing a need to adapt. Taking something that was, “a necessity and turning it into an asset” was an added benefit to the Architect. Ultimately plastic and versatile, precast concrete helps designers realize their vision even when it’s not the hero in the visual. In this project, harmony, and consistency with the campus aesthetic was a high priority to both the University and the designers. To achieve this goal, the design included a fieldstone veneer to the exterior of the precast bridge following erection except for the architectural panels over the road. The panels over the existing road had the fieldstone applied by the precast manufacturer to the panel prior to being transported to the location. This helps cut down road closure time and boost efficiency.

2020 PCI Award Winner

Precast Details

  • Owner: Villanova University
  • Architect: Voith & Mactavish
  • Engineer of Record: Macintosh Engineering
  • Structural Precast: Northeast Presetressed Products, LLC
  • General Contractor: Neshaminy Construction Inc.
  • Architectural Precast Producer: High Concrete Group
  • Structural Precast Producer: Northeast Prestressed Products
  • Architect: Robert A.M. Stern Architects
  • Project Size: 3,660 ft 2
  • Project Cost: $3,700,000 Million


  • PCI 2020 Best Non-Highway Bridge

Key Project Attributes

  • Precast concrete elements include 421 architectural precast concrete panels at an average nominal size of 5ft by 18ft.

  • The façade is 30% more efficient than the baseline ASHRAE assembly, contributing to the LEED Gold certification.

  • The panels were created using local raw materials and recycled content less than 60 miles from the project site, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Connecting the University’s main campus to the residence hall communities at The Commons and on South Campus, the pedestrian bridge spans Lancaster Avenue.
The walkway extends from the Villanova SEPTA Station to the newly expanded plaza in front of St. Thomas of Villanova Church.


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