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Architectural Precast adds More Design Elements

Architectural Precast provides the architect with a set of tools to build unique, legacy-making designs. Architectural Precast adds design elements in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes to bring your vision into reality.

Architectural Precast not only provides aesthetic versatility, but also solid structural enclosures with continuous insulation, continuous air barrier, and vapor barrier all in the same system. This reduces redundancy, cost, and increases usable floor space.



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"Being open, courageous, enduring, and being cautious, but risk-taking, and most importantly, being responsible and delivering what we each promised on time has been the key to our success as a whole."
Doh Young Kim, Lamar Johnson Collaborative

Featured Projects for Architects

1200 Intrepid MIN.jpg
Office/Corporate 06/29/2015

1200 Intrepid

2016's Harry H. Edwards Industry Advancement Award winner proves that precast concrete enables the most innovative architectural designs while providing a highly energy-efficient and durable envelope. One of

View 1200 Intrepid
Parking 07/18/2019

500 Pearl Street Parking Garage

Perched up above a seemly 6-story precast podium parking garage stands a hotel and apartments that rely on the durability of precast to provide key functionality to the structure. While the garage is an open design...

View 500 Pearl Street Parking Garage
Education 08/30/2010

Willow Creek Elementary

The two-story, 108,000 ft2 Willow Creek Elementary School was built in response to increased enrollments at the elementary school level. The school opened for the 2009-2010 academic year and features 44

View Willow Creek Elementary
80 on Commons black mix with white balcony
Mixed-Use 01/14/2019

80 on the Commons

The playful yet sophisticated use of a herringbone pattern results in a standout, bold style that NBBJ wanted to capture on this civic asset in the city’s central open space.

View 80 on the Commons
Colors & Finishes

Colors & Finishes

With precast concrete, the aesthetic versatility of the product leads to endless possibilities for your next design. 

Go from one applied finish to exposed aggregate back to the applied finish all within the same panel!

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Augmented reality can help bring your project to life before construction even starts. See what your project looks like in 3D with our top of the line team at High Concrete.

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Descriptions for each element and what purpose it is utilized for can enhance your drawings and expectations for your project. 

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  • Introduction to Architectural Precast
  • Introduction to Precast Parking
  • Introduction to Precast Data Centers
  • Building High-Performance K-12 Schools
  • Precast Concrete Sustainability


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