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The ability to balance what is a need and what is a want in a project can be difficult. Precast concrete provides both structural integrity and aesthetic design options making it an all-in-one solution. Precast concrete meets LEED certification requirements for resilience, sustainability, reliability, and durability. It is natural,locally sourced, and increases project efficiency setting up the project for success from the start.

Precast Façade
“The all-precast concrete structure facilitated a holistic solution to multiple design goals: resiliency, energy efficiency, a civic aesthetic for the exterior, an efficient construction schedule, and flexibility in interior space planning.”
Diane Pohlsander, LiRo Architects + Planners

Featured Projects for GC/CMs

Christ Hospital
Healthcare 01/19/2017

Christ Hospital

In 2012, the Christ Hospital Network in Cincinnati, Ohio, decided to add an orthopedic center of excellence to its already nationally renowned healthcare facility. The owners worked with an architect to design the seven-...

View Christ Hospital
Education 08/30/2010

Willow Creek Elementary

The two-story, 108,000 ft2 Willow Creek Elementary School was built in response to increased enrollments at the elementary school level. The school opened for the 2009-2010 academic year and features 44

View Willow Creek Elementary
Parking 02/05/2020

Penn State Hershey Campus Parking Garage

Inspired by the rolling hills in Pennsylvania, the eye-catching waving spandrels are the first element to greet you as you drive onto the health campus and the last

View Penn State Hershey Campus Parking Garage
80 on Commons black mix with white balcony
Mixed-Use 01/14/2019

80 on the Commons

The playful yet sophisticated use of a herringbone pattern results in a standout, bold style that NBBJ wanted to capture on this civic asset in the city’s central open space.

View 80 on the Commons
Design Innovation

Design Innovation


  • Modeling
  • BIM
  • Sustainability


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Design Aesthetics

Design Aesthetics


  • Color & Finish
  • Graphic Concrete
  • Formliners


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  • Introduction to Architectural Precast
  • Introduction to Precast Parking
  • Introduction to Precast Data Centers
  • Building High-Performance K-12 Schools
  • Precast Concrete Sustainability


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