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Villanova Performing Arts Center

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When planning to construct a new performing arts building, Villanova University weighed the many options for construction materials. As part of the University’s project to transform a previously underutilized parking lot into a multi-use area, including student housing, retail, and dining, the performing arts center acted as the crown jewel of the development. Through this development project, the University intended to provide the local metropolitan community an opportunity to experience new forms of art and culture, while also using the facility as a hands-on learning experience for theatre students. To achieve this vision, the structure needed to house a full-size theater, along with studios and classrooms, and provide adequate acoustic isolation between the spaces. Villanova is known for its Gothic-style architecture across campus, so the new design also had to complement the aged architectural style of its surroundings. Creating precast panels with plant-installed stone could meet the aesthetic and functional needs of the university with lower costs and construction time than a traditional stone façade.

2023 PCI Design Honorable Mention

Precast Details

  • Owner: Villanova University
  • Architect: Voith & Mactavish
  • Engineer of Record: O’Donnell & Naccarato
  • General Contractor: L.F. Driscoll Company
  • Project Size: 84,000 ft 2
  • Project Cost: $50 Million


  • 2023 PCI Design Awards Theater Structure Honorable Mention

Key Project Attributes

  • Precast concrete provided more consistency, dimensional stability, ease of installation, details, and cost savings than could have been achieved using another building material.


  • The precast concrete panels with inlaid stone blend into the architectural aesthetic of the campus.


  • The precast concrete radius panels were used to create a rounded entry plaza that welcomes the community.
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The Villanova campus is known for its Gothic-style architecture, and the performing arts center’s design complements the traditional style of surrounding structures. 

Precast concrete met the aesthetic and functional needs of the university with lower costs, labor, and lead time so the new theater could begin operations as soon as possible.


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