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CCHS Wilmington Visitors Parking Garage

  • Parking
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As the use of a structure changes over time, the facilities themselves must adapt. Sometimes, this means fully demolishing an existing structure to accommodate the evolving needs of its tenants. This was the case at a regional medical center, where plans were made to replace a parking garage to increase capacity and functionality. The project would feature six levels and a total of 851 parking spaces along with the construction of medical offices within the new structure. The medical center also wanted to design their new garage with flat levels so patients with mobility issues could easily access the main buildings without having to navigate ramps or stairs. It was crucial to avoid disruption of hospital access for employees and patients during construction. The bulk of this project also happened to take place during the peak of a pandemic, meaning that the hospital had higher traffic and that it was even more important to minimize disruption of the medical center’s activity.

2023 PCI Design Award Winner

Project Details

  • Owner: ChristianaCare Health Services, Wilmington, DE
  • Architect: Walker Consultants
  • General Contractor: The Whiting Turner Contracting Company
  • Project Size:  302507 ft2


  • 2023 PCI Design Awards Building Award: Best All-Precast Concrete Parking Structure

Key Project Attributes

  • Construct a six-level parking structure for patients and visitors in a busy downtown location directly across from the main entrance of ChristianaCare.

  • Incorporate architectural features such as embedded thin brick and light-sandblasted finishes that blend with other precast concrete buildings on the medical campus.

  • Use a flat-plate floor plan to improve mobility, access, and convenience for patients.

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“From the beginning, ChristianaCare was dedicated to using a precast concrete structural system with thin brick to match the recently completed adjacent hospital tower expansion project.”

Damian Larkin, PE, LEED AP, Walker Consultants

The design for the structure focuses not just on vehicle storage but also emphasizes the “people” aspect of the facility the needs, comfort, and experiences of end users.


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