ThinCast™ Rainscreen Panel System

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High Concrete Group Introduces Thinnest Precast Concrete Rainscreen Panel

Lightweight ThinCast panels expand designer choices, add visual appeal


High Concrete Group LLC has introduced ThinCastTM, the thinnest precast concrete rainscreen panel available on the market. Designed for use in commercial, institutional, retail and low- to high-rise construction, this innovation provides architects with the natural beauty and character of concrete in lightweight panels that accomplish their rainscreen design goals. 

"ThinCast allows rainscreen panels to showcase the iconic surface of real concrete," said High Concrete Group President John "J." Seroky. "Rainscreens are in demand and this product was created to meet a need that designers expressed to us." Seroky said the rainscreen cladding market is expected to grow by more than six percent annually through 2024. 

High Concrete Group offers ThinCast panels in six sizes and eight colors. Aggregates are sourced from local quarries to provide unique and attractive color variation both within panels and between panels. Designers may orient the panels horizontally or vertically and may cut the panels to fit. ThinCast is targeted not only for new construction, but also for renovations, retrofits and recladding of buildings east of the Mississippi River.

ThinCast panels are three-quarters of an inch thick and weigh approximately 10 pounds per square foot. The panels utilize a high-performance concrete mix and further increase strength and durability through the use of corrosion-resistant stainless steel prestressing wires. ThinCast meets applicable building codes and standards for rainscreen applications when properly installed on commercially available bracket systems.

In 2019 High Concrete Group announced an $8 million manufacturing technology upgrade aimed at the architectural precast market. The project is expected to result in 50 to 70 new jobs and as much as $50 million per year in local revenue when the plant operates at full capacity.


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July 8, 2020

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8 Standard Color Mixes

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Headquartered in Denver, Pa., High Concrete Group’s products include architectural facades, insulated and structural enclosure systems, parking garages, stadiums and other precast structures for commercial, institutional and multi-unit residential applications. Employing more than 400 co-workers, the group has provided precast components for more than 6,000 projects since 1957. High Concrete Group operates plants in Denver, Pa. and Springboro, Ohio; and High Concrete Accessories, a Denver, Pa.-based national precasting embedment supplier. For more information on High Concrete Group, including employment opportunities, visit or e-mail to

"ThinCast allows rainscreen panels to showcase the iconic surface of real concrete"
J. Seroky, HCG

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