Graphic Concrete®

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Graphic Concrete®

Graphic Concrete® is a patented technology that enables beautifully patterned concrete surfaces to be produced simply and cost-effectively. 

Provided Pattern

Choose from over 100 standard patterns for your Graphic Concrete® surface. Make your design bold or subtle by repeating and rotating the pattern to a desired scale and contrast. 

Unique Design

Create your own design to be used on the paper. Nearly anything that can be printed on paper can be placed on a precast wall; a picture of an animal, a company logo, or even a crumpled piece of paper with shadows for a 3D effect.   


You can expose the underlying aggregate in the pattern to create aesthetic texture effects in your design.

Production Process

Step 1 of Graphic concrete

Step 1: Secure shipment in sturdy tubes reduces the risk of damage to the paper during transit.

Step 2  of Graphic Concrete

Step 2: The paper is placed into the mold, according to the design of the precast concrete panel.

Step 3 of Graphic Concrete Process

Step 3: Concrete is poured into the mold and onto the paper to create both the panel and pattern.

Step 4 of Graphic Concrete Process

Step 4: The paper is removed after the piece is un-molded.

Step 5 of Graphic Concrete Process

Step 5: The piece is washed with water to remove the un-hardened concrete and to reveal the pattern and texture of the design.

Final result of Graphic COncrete Process

Step 6: The final result!

Make A Concrete Impression


Graphic Concrete® Brochure

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Graphic Concrete® Sell Sheet

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Graphic Concrete® Patterns

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Augmented reality can help bring your project to life before construction even starts. See what your project looks like in 3D with our top of the line team at High Concrete.

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Colors & Finishes

Colors & Finishes

With precast concrete, the aesthetic versatility of the product leads to endless possibilities for your next design. 

Go from one applied finish to exposed aggregate back to the applied finish all within the same panel!

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Descriptions for each element and what purpose it is utilized for can enhance your drawings and expectations for your project. 

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Have a question? Need assistance with how precast can meet your needs? That's what we are here for. Reach out to our team of precast concrete experts with any questions or details about your project and we will get back to you.

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