In its liquid state precast concrete can assume almost any shape that can be designed into a mold. As a result, relief sculptures can be formed into the surfaces of architectural precast as shapes, motifs and designs. Customized for each project, cast patterns create visual impact, reduce the building’s mass and can also convey a message. Color and texture/exposure of these patterns are typically integral to the precast.

Depending on the complexity of the pattern, High may build the sculptural details into the form. More complex images may require the use of a custom formliner made from any of a variety of materials such as steel, urethane, foam, plastic, and even steel to cast textures including ribs, stone, and brick as well as logos, words, or artwork into a panel. Formliners are most economical when designed for re-use, either in whole, or in part.

For Saint Joseph's University parking garage in Philadelphia, Pa., formliner was used to impress the school crest into a signature panel at the top of a wall. A great example of branding, dramatic lighting makes this emblem a focal point of the building's nighttime image.

A range of cast patterns can be viewed using the Color/Finish Selector. Choose from the Cast Pattern drop-down menu.

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