Parking Garages Structures

Whether you call them precast parking garages, parking structures, parking ramps, parkades or car parks, structured parking made of precast concrete is the leading choice for designers in the United States for speed, economy and low life cycle cost. 

At the core of virtually every High Concrete Group parking structure is the 15'-wide MEGA-TeeTM, which is 25% wider than typical double tees. The 16'-wide MEGA-Tee is available for use in 48' bays that facilitate generous turning areas for today’s larger vehicles. Parking structures built with MEGA-Tees have fewer pieces and provide a smoother driving surface, improved lighting and reduced maintenance. High Concrete Group makes it easy to design precast parking structures that meet your design, cost and schedule requirements.


Parking Garages

Structured above-ground parking with large bays for better parking efficiency and fewer precast members. Precast cladding for non-precast structures.


MEGA-TEE® Double Tees
CarbonCast® Double Tees
CarbonCast Architectural Cladding
Architectural Cladding
Interior Columns
Exterior Columns
Inverted T-Girders
Shear Walls
Precast Slabs

Why Use Precast Concrete for Your Parking Garage Structure?

Over the past 40 years, precast concrete has been the number one choice when building above-ground parking garage structures, and with good reason. Precast concrete offers greater strength and impermeability, as well as superior durability. It also offers a wide range of design options that feature wider bays and the need for fewer columns, improving vehicle circulation efficiency.

Our capability to construct materials concurrently in a factory setting can result in lower costs than a cast-in-place construction process, which can also increase the likelihood that your parking structure project will be completed on time and on budget. 


The Best Choice for Precast Concrete Parking Garage Structures

High Concrete Group is widely recognized as an industry innovator when it comes to precast concrete parking garage structure products. We’re known for our ability to provide creative solutions for even the largest and most complex projects, helping architects, parking consultants, and engineers perform their tasks more efficiently in the process. We strive to build relationships based on trust with all of our clients, and we always stand behind the products and services we offer.


A Service-Oriented Business Approach

Speaking of services, we offer our clients an extensive menu of value-added services that can benefit their own operation. These include evaluation of design drawings, continuing education programs that are available online and via in-person visitation, and various online training and educational seminars.

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