Precast Wall Panels

High Concrete Group enclosure systems consist of structural and non-structural precast concrete panels in configurations such as column covers, window panels and other shapes that provide an attractive, functional and durable facade. Precast insulated wall panels and insulated cladding use sandwich construction to place a layer of rigid foam insulation between two wythes of precast concrete.

Rely on these precast enclosure systems to achieve exceptional results on all-precast, parking garage, steel frame or cast-in-place commercial and institutional structures and buildings. As with all of our products, our precast concrete panels are cast in a factory-controlled environment. With precisely controlled air, we can ensure minimal expansion and contraction for superior results every time. This dependability is just one of the reasons why construction professionals choose High Concrete for the most complex construction projects.

Benefits of Precast Concrete Wall Panels

A precast concrete panel offers a number of important benefits. The sandwich construction technique used with the precast concrete walls provides increased stability and improved sound insulation, as well as greater protection from potential hazards such as fires. Precast concrete panels also provide energy-saving advantages. Because the concrete wall panels are separated by a layer of thermal insulation, the precast concrete wall panel system results in enhanced energy performance, which can help to lower overall costs.

For designers, insulated wall panels provide tremendous flexibility. The availability of numerous finishes, textures, shapes, and colors offer an abundance of creative options to meet virtually any design requirement.


Non-Structural Facades

Non-loadbearing precast panels used to enclose space, supporting their own wind, seismic and transferring their connection forces.


CarbonCast® Architectural Cladding
CarbonCast Insulated Architectural Cladding
Architectural Cladding
Screen Walls

Structural Facades

Loadbearing walls that enclose space and are an integral part of the building contributing to its structural integrity.


CarbonCast Insulated Wall Panels
Insulated Wall Panels
Solid Walls
Screen Walls

High Concrete Group Is Your One-Stop Precast Concrete Panel Resource

High Concrete Group is widely regarded as an industry leader in the construction of precast concrete wall panels. We provide reliable and durable precast wall panels for use in all types of commercial and institutional construction applications. We create our precast walls in our factory locations and deliver them to your construction site, saving you time and reducing your construction costs.

We Partner with Our Clients to Help Them Meet Their Unique Design Challenges

By implementing a partnership business approach, High Concrete Group can help our clients solve the design challenges that the larger and more complex projects tend to offer. When you choose High Concrete, you aren’t just getting a precast panel with superior performance and durability — you’re getting access to industry-leading professionals who will work with you. We’ll provide valuable insight into your project’s options while ensuring it remains on schedule and within budget.

We also provide access to an assortment of additional services, including online training and educational resources, in-person continuing education programs, and evaluation of design drawings.

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