Sustainable Building Materials for a Greener Tomorrow

Concrete is as old as the Romans, but it’s also a key solution to modern concerns about energy efficiency, protecting the environment, and using our resources wisely. High Concrete Group LLC is committed to supplying the greenest possible precast concrete and other sustainable building products to help designers achieve buildings that deliver beauty, comfort, and performance. As an affiliate of High Industries Inc., we share a Commitment to Sustainability with all High companies.

Sustainability through Our “Triple Bottom Line” Approach

The cornerstone of our Commitment to Sustainability is our “Triple Bottom Line” philosophy which speaks to the need to maintain a proper balance between people, planet, and prosperity. This philosophy is evident in the sustainable building systems we produce, the way we strive to develop meaningful and enduring relationships with all our business partners, and our ongoing efforts to protect the environment in which we live and work on a daily basis.

We Make Use of a Variety of Sustainable Building Materials

Our sustainable building materials come in many forms. Examples include more thermally efficient wall panels that improve insulation and reduce heat consumption, resulting in greater energy savings. Our lightweight architectural panels offer greater construction efficiency. Our double tees provide increased resistance to the corrosive properties of deicing salts. In all, our sustainable building products can help to reduce the user’s carbon footprint, resulting in a better environment for everyone.

Here is an overview of products, processes, and resources available to improve the sustainability of your next project.

More Sustainable Precast

C-GRID (TT) CarbonCast® – precast systems and components reinforced with C-GRID® carbon fiber grid instead of steel so that they’re lighter in weight, better insulating and more durable.
ECast™ ECast™ – weight-saving aggregate blends that directly reduce transportation costs and fuel use.
EcoMix® EcoMix® – precast concrete mix designs with recycled materials that reduce carbon dioxide from conventional cement by 50% or more.
SCC Electrostatic Dispersion Self-Consolidating Concrete - precast concrete that uses up to 40% less water and requires no vibration, saving energy.
High Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) Precast and Standard Precast Samples   High-SRI Precast Concrete - made with white cement and slag to attain a Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of 80 and above to help reverse the urban heat island effect.

Sustainability on Our Campus

Our efforts do not only include developing sustainable building systems and products for our client base. We also implement a variety of environmentally friendly processes in our own manufacturing facilities.

Cool Climate Concrete Cool Climate Concrete® - program designed to encourage reduced use of Portland cement and therefore carbon emissions from precast concrete.
High Concrete Group LEED Silver Certified Maintenance Building   LEED® Silver Certified Maintenance Building, Denver, Pa. – an all-precast structure designed and built for maintenance of High Concrete Group campus and fleet vehicles.
Wash water reclamation  Wash Water Reclamation, Denver, Pa. - an industry-leading filtration system captures wash water for reuse in concrete.

Sustainability Resources


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Buildings - Concrete Sustainability Hub, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Interim Report, December 2010

A Commitment to Developing Sustainable Building Systems Well into the Future

Sustainability has been a constant focus throughout the 50-plus years that High Concrete Group has been in existence, and as the need to protect our environment continues to grow, it will remain a vital component of our products and operating processes well into the future.